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About Me

Artist Statement



Mapleton, Maine based artist, Julie Nadeau has been working in the field of art for 20 years. She began her career as an art teacher in Presque Isle, Maine and continues  teaching children about the love of art. This experience has evolved over the last several years into a side career selling her own work locally and on line. Showing at the Akeley Gallery in Presque Isle this past Fall was an exciting success for Julie and she hopes to continue displaying her work in other venues. 

Julie is passionate about the Maine coastal landscape and takes every opportunity to visit the beautiful coast of Maine. She works in Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor, using vibrant colors and texture. Julie concentrates on the feeling of the area she’s viewing taking photographs to work from in her studio. The intent of her work is to replicate the feeling of the landscape, and to remind others of the beauty around us and to take a moment to look beyond everyday life and appreciate it.


Because I love the Ocean

Like so many others, I have a love for the coast. There is nothing better than walking the sandy beach, viewing the beauty of a lighthouse or hopping the large multi colored rocks. Visiting the coastal landscape is like a little piece of Heaven. I fill my home with coastal art that remind me of that feeling. 

Maine landscape painting in acrylic. “Drive Home “ a typical scene on a summer day in Maine

My Inspiration

I love to paint the sky! An evening when the sky is covered by clouds that look like blankets. A sun set while a storm is moving in, with the most amazing bright and stormy colors at the same time. Soft skies on a night void of wind and mornings with such heavy fog you can't see clearly 20 feet ahead. The mist of the fall evenings and the white steam that lifts off the water as a fall day begins to warm.

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