Artist Bio, Julie Nadeau

Julie Carter Nadeau


Julie Carter Nadeau ( is a contemporary realist painter who lives and works in Northern Maine. Her colorful paintings depict the picturesque landscape of Maine. Her style has textural vibrant color so true to the beauty of the area. Peaceful Ocean scenes, wheatfields, farms, the beauty of the landscape of Maine is brought to life in watercolor, acrylic and oil paint.

She has a love for nature and enjoys the outdoors. Nadeau often travels, photographing the picturesque landscape of Maine. She references these pictures when creating her depictions of  the effects of light, reflections, and lovely inspiring colors of nature.  

As a child Nadeau was introduced to  painting  from her artistic Grandmother who worked with textile arts. She went on to earn a Bachelors in Art from the University of Maine at Presque Isle, and a second Bachelors in Elementary Education. 

Julie Nadeau is currently teaching  art in the Presque Isle school system where she has been  for the past 18 years. She enjoys teaching children something she loves. Nadeau continues to work in her home studio in her spare time. In April 2018, Nadeau joined an art exhibition at the Wintergreen Art Center in Presque Isle, entering two watercolors for display. She is currently working on a series of beautiful coastal paintings.

Watercolor painted after a walk along the southern coast of Maine.

Watercolor painted after a walk along the southern coast of Maine.